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Dimensions and Weight of Fiat Idea

Idea Hatchback

Exterior Year Length Width Height Wheelbase Weight Analytics
2006 3930 mm 1698 mm 1660 mm 2508 mm 1155 kg

2005 3930 mm 1698 mm 1660 mm 2508 mm 1155 kg
2004 3930 mm 1698 mm 1660 mm 2508 mm 1155 kg

Put it all into 1155 kg of car weight. We also can look at Fiat as 1660 mm high car. Being 3930 mm long the vehicle possesses 2508 mm of wheelbase. By this the width of the Idea was at 1698 mm. The important dimension of Fiat Idea produced in 2005 is the length at 3930 mm. You can see the comfort of Fiat Idea produced in 2006 by looking at those figures.

  • It’s about road stability that 2006 Idea doesn’t have big weight.

  • With the length at 3930 mm it has quite short wheelbase of 2508 mm and not a big width at 1698 mm.

  • It’s hard to say that 2005 Idea is really comfortable vehicle.

  • Driving Fiat Idea could be a bit unpleasant for a tall person.

  • But these characteristics give Fiat Idea one advantage – low fuel consumption.

  • You can’t name 1155 kg weight too big in accordance with 1660 mm height and other dimensions.

The motor power is also important considering 1155 kg weight and other dimensions of 2006 Idea. You can make Fiat Idea more effective learning how to drive with the wheelbase of 2508 mm. You should know that your car is 3930 mm long, 1698 mm wide and 1660 mm high.

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