Last Update: Apr. 28, 2017, 5:34 a.m.

Dimensions and Weight of Volvo S90

S90 Sedan

Exterior Year Length Width Height Wheelbase Weight Analytics
1997 4876 mm 1981 mm 1420 mm 2770 mm 1489 kg

1996 4876 mm 1981 mm 1420 mm 2770 mm 1489 kg

With all these dimensions the car weighed 1489 kg. Also S90 has the width of body of 1981 mm. Comparing all dimensions of 1997 Volvo S90, you might have the overview of its temper and comfort. Compare it all to Volvo’s body height of 1420 mm. Volvo produced its model S90 at the dimension of 4876 mm long. With the length of 4876 mm the wheelbase of the model is 2770 mm.

  • Thanks to well thought-out characteristics 1996 S90 was successful.

  • Weighing 1489 kg by the height characteristics of 1420 mm the vehicle became firm on road.

  • It’s obvious that 1997 S90 is quite convenient long vehicle.

  • With the length of 4876 mm and width at 1981 mm it also shows great wheelbase - 2770 mm.

Read instructions of Volvo which give information on S90 behavior connecting it with 2770 mm of wheelbase. Make comparison of 1489 kg weight of your car and horsepower of 1997 S90 motor. There is always a complex of data to be seen: 4876 mm of body length, 1981 mm in width and 1420 mm high vehicle.

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