Last Update: May. 25, 2017, 5:15 a.m.

Nissan Juke Engine Displacement

Juke Nismo

Exterior Modification Size

2013 to present

1.6 DiG-T Nismo 1618 cc

Juke SUV

Exterior Modification Size

2010 to present

1.6 DiG-T Nismo 1618 cc

There were produced lots of 1.6 DiG-T Nismo cars with motor size 1618 cc by Nissan. You can still find some bad reviews of the Juke owners about the engine with size 1618 cc. It’s absolutely enough to have 1618 cc engine size under the hood of Juke. Lots of Nissan owners believe, the bigger the engine in Juke, the more satisfaction you get from a car. This engine fulfills its tasks on 1.6 DiG-T Nismo completely and is quite wise decision of Nissan.

  • But it also gives you less fuel consumption in Nissan and provides optimal costs at petrol stations for Juke.

  • It’s easy to predict that 1.6 DiG-T Nismo won’t give you eternal power with motor at 1618 cc size.

  • So, Nissan 1.6 DiG-T Nismo can save your money.

This kind of motor can show good and bad sides in Nissan 1.6 DiG-T Nismo. The size of 1618 cc is constructed by Nissan and proves to be efficient in use. Visiting service or buying the parts note that you possess 1618 cc engine of Juke.

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