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Recommended Type of Engine Oil for Hyundai i10. How Much Do You Need

Engine Engine code Year Recommended oil How much (L.)
1.1 G4HG 2011 Synthetic 5w30 3
2010 Synthetic 5w30 3
2009 Synthetic 5w30 3
2008 Synthetic 5w30 3
1.2 G4LA 2013 Mineral 15w40 3.5
2012 Mineral 15w40 3.5
2011 Mineral 15w40 3.5
2010 Mineral 15w40 3.5
2009 Mineral 15w40 3.5
2008 Mineral 15w40 3.5

Make sure you buy high quality oil for Hyundai i10. Use oil type Mineral 15w40 for motors with code G4LA. If you want 1.1 motor in i10 to serve you longer, purchase Synthetic 5w30 oil only. The size of i10 case is 3.5 liters. Lots of Hyundai vehicles produced in 2009 had 1.1 motor under the hood.

  • The 1.2 engine of Hyundai’s production isn’t very particular in choosing oil.

  • With average mileage over 100 000 miles you’ll find Hyundai i10 taking a little oil, so buy more than 3.5 liters to add.

  • You can see that Hyundai i10 engines which have code G4LA are quite durable with their small volume.

  • All new engines with model code G4LA demand exactly Mineral 15w40 oil to fill.

  • In 2013 the company Hyundai started using great technologies, especially in 1.2 engine.

  • You can’t call 1.1 motor of Hyundai very up-to-date – it was made in 2008.

  • It’s time to give good service and pour only Mineral 15w40 oil to motors with code G4LA.

  • But you still better use recommended Mineral 15w40 oil for it.

  • And you can save with buying only 3 of oil for every service in 2008 year models.

You can easily endure life of 1.2 motor produced by Hyundai just giving it proper service. Good quality Mineral 15w40 oil in amount of 3.5 liters will save your engine. Any technical work with 2011 Hyundai i10 must be completed well.

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