Last Update: Apr. 29, 2017, 5:08 a.m.
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Ford B-MAX Fuel Tank Sizes

B-MAX Minivan

Exterior Year Fuel tank capacity Analytics
2017 48 liters

2016 48 liters
2015 48 liters
2014 48 liters
2013 48 liters
2012 48 liters

For 2015 year it was quite enough to have 48 liters reserve in your tank. In some 2014 modifications of B-MAX Ford proposed fuel tanks with 48 liters capacity. On the petrol station filling up Ford B-MAX it might be important to know tank capacity.

  • Driving 2012 Ford B-MAX you might go to petrol stations more.

  • The fuel tank capacity of Ford B-MAX is quite small though.

48 liters gives your B-MAX quite good ride. Any capacity of fuel tank in Ford shows good and bad sides.

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