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Which Bulbs Of Head Lamps For Nissan 350Z.

Engine Engine code Year Base Type Power Voltage
3.5 VQ35HR 2009 P14.5s H1 55 W 12 V
2008 P14.5s H1 55 W 12 V
2007 P14.5s H1 55 W 12 V
VQ35DE 2007 P14.5s H1 55 W 12 V
2006 P14.5s H1 55 W 12 V
2005 P14.5s H1 55 W 12 V
2004 P14.5s H1 55 W 12 V
2003 P14.5s H1 55 W 12 V

Producer used in 2005 year of production quite effective bulbs for vehicles with VQ35DE motor number. The best decision is to purchase for Nissan 350Z 3.5 efficient up-to-date bulbs of reliable producers. The only right decision is the bulb of H1 cap type and with base form P14.5s. You should keep up with Nissan’s recommendation to put into vehicle headlights only 55 W capacity bulbs. Actually, cars with 3.5 motors produced by Nissan sometimes need bulb change in headlights. Work of headlamp in every Nissan 350Z is quite effective and appropriate. Lots of 350Z owners admit that 12 V lamps tend to be less and less effective.

It’s no need to take the headlight of 350Z 3.5 apart, Nissan provided simple bulb change. The needed cap type should be only H1, otherwise Nissan made in 2004 won’t take the bulb. But power of 55 W is just optimal feature, real light of 12 V lamp may be much stronger. The problems with fitting P14.5s base bulb in holder may appear with 2009 350Z.

Output power in 55 W and voltage feature of 12 V – this is wonderful choice. It’s easily bad idea for 2003 Nissan owners to buy other than H1 type bulbs with base different from P14.5s. If you replace bulbs in 350Z with engine 3.5 by yourself, take care. If you keep up with all the rules, 2008 Nissan 350Z headlights will serve you much more.

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