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What is Mazda Tribute Motor Torque

Tribute SUV

Exterior Modification Newton Meter Pound-Foot Rotations per Minute Kilogram Meter

2001 - 2004

2.0 GSI 175 N-m 129 lbs-ft 4500 rpm 18 kg-m
2.0 GXi 175 N-m 129 lbs-ft 4500 rpm 18 kg-m
3.0 V6 265 N-m 195.5 lbs-ft 4750 rpm 27 kg-m

The 175 N-m torque is all yours if you possess Mazda Tribute. In kilograms per meter it’s stated as 18 kg-m for 2.0 GSI. This figure can be converted to 129 lbs-ft and is achieved by 4500 rpm. With such torque Mazda Tribute was produced on the plant.

  • You may keep your car efficient by driving at 4750 rpm.

  • The dynamic features for 2.0 GXi are good enough thanks to torque of 175 N-m.

  • The Mazda Tribute is a middle decision of power and economy.

You might be satisfied or not by having 265 N-m which means 195.5 lbs-ft torque. It’s important to know what Mazda tells the drivers to note during driving 2.0 GXi. The driver should be aware that Mazda Tribute has the engine with nominal rotations at 4500 rpm.

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