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Honda Prelude Cargo Space

Prelude Coupe

Exterior Year Cargo capacity Analytics
2000 284 liters

1999 284 liters
1998 284 liters
1997 284 liters
1996 284 liters

The trunk shape of Honda’s design proves to be useful. You also may put the back seat of Prelude down to receive more space than 284 liters. You can use 284 liters capacity of trunk in Honda Prelude. These numbers were made by Honda in 1999 models during composing. It’s convenient to put small luggage in Prelude cargo space.

  • But still 284 liters capacity is not eternal in your Prelude.

  • It’s an all-purpose but not huge space in 2000 Honda to carry luggage.

  • You can view it as big upside of Honda Prelude to have this free space.

The 284 liters of free space proves to be optimum in this Honda’s model. It’s better not to load more than Honda Prelude can carry. You should also look at 1999 Honda cargo weight restrictions.

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