Last Update: Apr. 30, 2017, 5:55 a.m.
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Jeep Patriot Cargo Space

Patriot SUV

Exterior Year Cargo capacity Analytics
2010 536 liters

2009 536 liters
2008 536 liters
2007 536 liters

For it’s size Patriot has quite comfortable space arrangement. Cargo space in Jeep Patriot is known to be 536 liters. Put down the back bench in Patriot to get more space than 536 liters. Effective space design in Jeep gives more opportunities. The figure was formed by Jeep during designing the 2007 year models.

  • To enlarge possibilities find some trailer suitable for 2008 Jeep.

  • Really huge Jeep Patriot trunk provides you with all needed space.

  • You may put in Patriot nearly anything using all 536 liters of cargo space.

It’s optimal for Jeep in this model to have 536 liters cargo capacity. Check also if your luggage in 2010 Jeep isn’t heavier than needed. Overloading Jeep Patriot might be a great problem in future.

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