Last Update: Sep. 25, 2020, 5:51 a.m.

Weatherguard Tool Boxes – My Opinion on Needed Accessory

Wonderful ideas of putting some accessories to your car keep adding to the possible tuning options. You can find now lots of variants to change your truck's appearance or functional features somehow. It actually can help to make the car more practical and to add something really important to the way it fulfills the tasks.

You could go and find some small additions for your vehicle but today I prepared for you the review of quite great and heavy thing. It's Weatherguard Tool Boxes - a big accessory which is aimed at being installed right behind the cabin in the cargo space of your truck. It'll give a lot of additional space to carry needed things.

Someone will use it just for having some additional cargo space which can be locked. Some other owners will see it as the best idea to put all tools and needed instruments for car driving. It's for you to decide in which way you'll use the thing. But the really important factor is to choose original option of the producer and get really high quality thing.

What is good about Weatherguard Tool Boxes?

Before buying needed things you have to look at their pluses and minuses. Let's start with optimal pros which could be really wonderful in all ideas. Weatherguard tells that the boxes are really of high quality and they are well made. You can see it even with looking at the metal which is quite heavy and can be seen as long lasting. So, there are some important features which can be estimated as the main reasons of the boxes popularity. Let's look at what producer offers in this case:

  • really long lasting options for your truck, they are made of wonderful materials and optimal methods of fixing are used;
  • made by Weatherguard Company, these options appear to have wonderful warranty of a well-known producer;
  • there are different colors and price levels in the proposition, you can easily find the needed variant for you;
  • the boxes are universal and can suit any pick-ups which are produced nowadays or were made some time ago;
  • there are special locks to prevent other people looking into your tool box, it also gives easy access for the owner;
  • there is also 12-volt access for electrical options to install into the tool box, you can find it useful in some situations.

With all these features you can find really wonderful possibilities and achieve needed results. To install this kind of additional accessory you won't need to spend a lot of time near your car. Just a couple of standard locks will ensure optimal fixation. You can also use additional ways of fastening which you like the most. Actually, the tool box is quite optimal for all kinds of trucks and it can be used in all models. And these are the most prominent good features of the thing.

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What are the minuses of the Weatherguard production?

It's hard to talk about real minuses of this product. Yes, you can find some really negative customer reviews but I see them as fake responds. And you won't say a lot of bad things about the box provided that you really used it. And still there are some words to say about minuses of the construction.

First thing is that the cheapest models are produced not so well as the expensive ones. You could also note that the company saves some money on metal in cheap versions and also gives no additional possibilities in these models. So I just recommend you to buy middle price range things and not look at the cheapest ones.

One more minus to remember here is quite big weight. But on the other hand, you won't expect to get a really wonderful tool box with not a big weight. It's made of metal and it's supposed to be quite heavy. Though it will change the way your truck behaves a little bit. It changes the weight centre and affects steering.

What is the best place to buy Weatherguard Boxes?

Tool box is a really heavy and huge thing. So, you aren't supposed to carry it on your own from the nearest car shop. I'm sure you can find a lot of options in the big shops around your city or town. But what is more comfortable is to order delivery in a big shop in the internet. In such internet stores as Amazon you can find best price and also best delivery options and relieve yourself from carrying such loads on your own.

I also don't see any reasons why not to use official website of the company. You could order the chosen option in the internet and also get all needed production documents and other wonderful pros out of your purchase. There are loads of wonderful things to note in this way of buying. Also you can get more information on some special model of the tool boxes if you visit the official website pages and read the data there.

How to install the usual Weatherguard Tool Boxes into the truck?

Usually these tool boxes have a shape of saddle box. So, it's perfectly fitted into the cargo space of your truck. There are some models for different sizes and you can easily choose some set which you really need. Also you may watch original tutorial videos on how to install the Weatherguard production onto your vehicle. So, here I'll give just general overview of how to install simple options with no additional features or accessories. Here is the small manual on the installation process:

  1. Make sure there are four bolts and special devices to fix the tool boxes in the truck. It's actually small metal plate which is aimed at fastening the box with the help of the edges of your truck's cargo space.
  2. There is also some rubber strip which you have to locate on the backside of the tool boxes. It's aimed at preventing the vibration and additional sounds while driving. It will result in optimal comfort.
  3. If the truck bed is aluminum, then also use the special tape which is provided in the set. The zinc coated fastening plates can then cause some reaction with the aluminum truck body parts if you don't use the tape.
  4. If everything is ready, position the box in the needed place. Make sure you can easily open the lid when needed, there are no obstruction for all functions. Put the box exactly in the needed position.
  5. Then you'll need to use the fastening brackets and use the bolts to fix the box on its place. It won't cause any troubles because there are only four bolts and there is also the instruction in the set.
  6. One thing to pay attention to is avoiding the over tightening of bolts. If you do this, you are likely to cause deformation of the brackets. If it happened, just order additional set of brackets in the company's website.

So, this is a short universal instruction of how to install the Weatherguard Tool Boxes. This won't be difficult even if you don't have any experience in screwing the bolts. There aren't any troubles in fastening the tool box and using it after that. If you hear some noise while driving, make sure your fixation parts are ok. You can check the brackets position easily - just look at the places where the box is fastened to the car body. And make sure you don't skip any steps of this small instruction.

So, what are the best results of buying Weatherguard Boxes?

This company provides wonderful decisions for trucks and SUVs to ensure they are maximum practical and wonderful in usage. You can buy absolutely wonderful things to make your car more productive, comfortable and really practical. Weatherguard Tool Box appears to be really amazing option with all the pluses and just a little amount of minuses found during my small review of the production.

There couldn't be any strict advice about buying such thing or not. But actually, you can find a lot of optimal features in using this thing. It saves your possession from being stolen and from rain water, snow and other troubles. It enlarges your covered cargo space and gives you a lot of wonderful options. If you really want to make your truck more interesting from all sides, it's time to buy wonderful accessories.

Also I propose you to watch the video about the Weatherguard production for a truck: