What's ESP in Your Car and Why do Drivers Need This Thing?

Active safety systems in the cars are the main part of car features and building. Buying some type of passenger transport people pay lots of attention to air bags, ABS, EBD and other abbreviations which are not always understandable for a driver. One of those active safety systems is ESP - that's a great advantage of car features which helps to establish road holding and course-keeping ability.

Road holding system works with full power only when the car has ABS, so there is no chance to use the technology on old cars. The system takes control over all steering and driving functions of the car. When the car goes to sideslip or snowdrift ESP helps the driver to get back all the control of such situation.

What functions of the car does ESP take control of?

The majority of modern automobiles with some great complex of expensive features possess this function in their list of active safety options. Some years ago potential buyers looked at the three-letter abbreviations and were embarrassed by their meanings, but now we even demand from car producers some of those functions. When we speak about safety there is no chance for money economy.

Nevertheless, there are not so many drivers who know and can explain the nature of ESP work. In car salons lots of experienced drivers ask assistants about this function. So, let's distinguish the main role of ESP system and count the functions of a car which are ruled by this technology:

  • steering system goes under ESP control when the car gets to a drift or slip;
  • brakes are also under control of the system - it gives different brakes power for every wheel;
  • engine rotations lowering or lifting in order to gain back all the control of a car;
  • rate of angular motion speeding control for revealing of sideslip start.

The sensors of ESP system are situated in every function of the car. It helps to reveal the drift earlier and react very fast. As soon as the driver starts loosing control, ESP turns on and makes all the actions needed to gain back stability and road holding. It changes steering angles, adds some rotation power or unblocks the wheels which are blocked by breaks. If the speed is not amazing, ESP always helps to avoid sideslips.

Of course, some drivers percept that function as a personal angel who keeps away from all problems on the road. That's not true, because ESP is only a set of sensors and wise use of modern technology. You should still be very careful on the road and avoid drifts and turns on the 80 mph speed. In such situation ESP will not help absolutely.

Statistics of ESP using in the modern cars

If you already know what ESP is and if it's worth it to pay money for that function, it's time to speak about real usage of safety option and real help in difficult road situations. The main task of every active or passive safety system in a car is to protect people from harm and avoid car crashes. Even if it's impossible to avoid some situation, such systems help to minimize the harm for passengers and drivers.

This is exactly the goal which was achieved by constructors of ESP system. Unbelievably efficient sensors react for potentially dangerous situation within 20 milliseconds and turn on all functions which are necessary for sideslip avoiding. This is proved by a lot of statistics data:

  • the cars which have ESP systems became the car crashes participants twice more seldom than other transport;
  • insurance companies in the US and Europe began to shorten the price of policies for cars with ESP;
  • car producers invest more and more money every year to develop this safety system;
  • some time ago ESP system became a part of a sport car though it's a contradictory option for sport driving.

The most successful usage of ESP option belongs to starters in driving. They have no experience in avoiding dangerous situations and get safe and comfortable driving with the help of this system. Some years ago even ABS function used to be rare and conflicting part of a car and served only for starters. But today lots of countries banned producing and export of the cars without ABS.

Modern world demands safety in every form of transport. And that becomes one of the most powerful prospective in car building development. A lot of companies which have a lead in producing automobiles offer their own systems of safety and lower crashes quantity. Such development saves a lot of lives so it's definitely worth investments.

Finish line

The more cars appear on the road the less safety there stays for every driver. Modern technologies have a lot more than just ESP but such systems cost a lot of money. Some years ago road-grip functions also cost too much but currently they are installed in every normal car.

If you still think whether it's worth buying that function of road holding or not, make your choice positively. ESP can make you driving safe and comfortable and lower the chances of getting to the car crash. That is the main reason to pay money for ESP in your new automobile.

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