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Type of Antifreeze for Honda Odyssey. How Much Do You Need

Engine Engine code Year Which How much
2.2 F22B8 1997 Red 6.3 liters
1996 Red 6.3 liters
1995 Red 6.3 liters
1994 Red 6.3 liters
2.3 F23A7 2001 Red 6.3 liters
2000 Red 6.3 liters
1999 Red 6.3 liters
1998 Red 6.3 liters

Only Red antifreeze type is suitable and you’ll need 6.3 liters of it. You should be careful at choosing liquids for Honda especially for vehicles having 2.3 motor. In 1997 the company produced vehicles with 2.2 engine having code of F22B8. For sufficient use of Honda Odyssey you need to use suitable antifreeze. Otherwise Odyssey made in 2000 won’t serve you long enough.

  • The composition of antifreeze for 1996 Honda Odyssey was earlier told by color.

  • So, it’s a dye stuff, and the one important thing for 2.3 motors is to keep the amount of liquid at 6.3 liters.

  • In Red type of liquid was a lot of toxic fluid, but now you still use it in motors with F22B8 engines.

A lot of F22B8 motors are used long in Honda cars but only with good service. Better buy 6.3 liters of good antifreeze in Red color. So better use Honda’s advice for servicing 1997 Odyssey. Produced in 1998 the 2.3 engine in Odyssey model will serve longer by this.

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