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Type of Antifreeze for Kia Sorento. How Much Do You Need

EngineEngine codeYearWhichHow much
2013Red8.6-9 liters
2012Red8.6-9 liters
2011Red8.6-9 liters
2010Red8.6-9 liters
2.4G4KE2011Red6.6 liters
2010Red6.6 liters
2.5D4CB2009Red10 liters
2008Red10 liters
2007Red10 liters
2006Red10 liters
2005Red10 liters
2004Red10 liters
2003Red10 liters
2002Red10 liters
3.3G6DB2009Red9 liters
2008Red9 liters
2007Red9 liters
2006Red9 liters
3.5G6CU2006Red11 liters
2005Red11 liters
2004Red11 liters
2003Red11 liters
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