Last Update: May. 25, 2017, 5:51 a.m.
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Type of Antifreeze for Mercedes-Benz SLS-Class. How Much Do You Need

Engine Engine code Year Which How much
6.2 M159.980 2013 Green 0-0 liters
2012 Green 0-0 liters
2011 Green 0-0 liters
2010 Green 0-0 liters

For Mercedes-Benz SLS-Class it’s important to have optimal antifreeze inside. Make sure you service system at Mercedes-Benz with installed 6.2 engine correctly. Only Green antifreeze type is suitable and you’ll need 0-0 liters of it. Before choosing fluid note that engine code M159.980 and volume of 6.2 were installed to your car in 2011. There is no chance 2013 SLS-Class engine will work efficiently with bad cooling.

  • Many drivers of Mercedes-Benz SLS-Class produced in 2013 are interested in colors of antifreeze.

  • It has optimal characteristics if you use 0-0 liters of it, and Green color is just a dye.

  • Why is Green fluid prescribed by Mercedes-Benz to M159.980 engines with 6.2 of volume.

Every Mercedes-Benz owner should remember that engines with code M159.980 are quite demanding. It will be advantageous to follow Mercedes-Benz’s rules for 2013 SLS-Class service. So, don’t choose different from Green coolant and obey the number of 0-0 liters. Providing you keep the rules 6.2 motor installed in SLS-Class of 2011 year will be long lasting.

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