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Type of Antifreeze for Mercedes-Benz V-Class. How Much Do You Need

Engine Engine code Year Which How much
2.2 OM611.980 2003 Green 11.1 liters
2002 Green 11.1 liters
2001 Green 11.1 liters
2000 Green 11.1 liters
1999 Green 11.1 liters
2.3 M111.978 2003 Green
2002 Green
2001 Green
2000 Green
1999 Green
M111.980 2003 Red
2002 Red
2001 Red
2000 Red
1999 Red
2.8 M104.900 2003 Green 12.5 liters
2002 Green 12.5 liters
2001 Green 12.5 liters
2000 Green 12.5 liters
1999 Green 12.5 liters

To maintain cooling system you need 12.5 liters of Green coolant. For Mercedes-Benz V-Class it’s important to have optimal antifreeze inside. It’s important to provide cooling for Mercedes-Benz’s engine with 2.3 liters volume. You may use code of motor M104.900 and volume figure of 2.8 or just tell the 2000 year of production to buy liquid. Otherwise V-Class made in 2002 won’t serve you long enough.

  • It really denotes just characteristics to be Green – don’t forget to buy 12.5 liters for service.

  • Earlier the color of antifreeze was important for 2003 Mercedes-Benz V-Class drivers to predict structure.

  • Why is Green fluid prescribed by Mercedes-Benz to M111.978 engines with 2.3 of volume.

  • In Red type of liquid was a lot of toxic fluid, but now you still use it in motors with M111.980 engines.

  • There are plenty of Mercedes-Benz V-Class owners in 2002 model year who are interested in antifreeze coloring.

Use your 2.8 engine longer in 2001 V-Class by keeping these rules. Better buy 11.1 liters of good antifreeze in Green color. There is an important thing for OM611.980 engines of Mercedes-Benz’s production – they expect good service. There is a big plus in servicing 2003 Mercedes-Benz V-Class with all regulations.

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