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Dimensions and Weight of Cadillac Eldorado

Eldorado Coupe

Exterior Year Length Width Height Wheelbase Weight Analytics
1996 5140 mm 1850 mm 1400 mm 2743 mm 1729 kg

1995 5140 mm 1850 mm 1400 mm 2743 mm 1729 kg

Being 5140 mm long the vehicle possesses 2743 mm of wheelbase. Cadillac vehicle provides 1400 mm height of body. It’s compared to the general Eldorado width of 1850 mm. Put it all into 1729 kg of car weight. The conveniences of Cadillac Eldorado in 1995 model year is shown by the numbers. In 1995 Cadillac produced Eldorado with the overall length of 5140 mm.

  • In 1996 the company produced Eldorado with well considered dimensions.

  • It’s obvious that 1995 Eldorado is quite convenient long vehicle.

  • With the length of 5140 mm and width at 1850 mm it also shows great wheelbase - 2743 mm.

  • Company arranged weight at 1729 kg producing body height at 1400 mm.

It’s better to understand all dimensions in complex: vehicle height at 1400 mm, length of 5140 mm and 1850 mm width. You can make Cadillac Eldorado more effective learning how to drive with the wheelbase of 2743 mm. It’s important to understand connections between 1729 kg body weight of 1995 Eldorado and engine under the hood.

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