Last Update: Mar. 29, 2017, 5:04 a.m.

Dimensions and Weight of Cadillac XLR

XLR Roadster

Exterior Year Length Width Height Wheelbase Weight Analytics
2005 4513 mm 1837 mm 1279 mm 2686 mm 1654 kg

You can see the comfort of Cadillac XLR produced in 2005 by looking at those figures. By this the width of the XLR was at 1837 mm. Put it all into 1654 kg of car weight. Cadillac produced its model XLR at the dimension of 4513 mm long. By the overall length of 4513 mm the wheelbase stays at 2686 mm. Look also at 2686 mm of wheelbase appreciating overall 4513 mm body length. We also can look at Cadillac as 1279 mm high car.

  • In the model year of 2005 XLR appeared to be at average dimensions.

  • Quite good dimensions of XLR were introduced in 2005.

To achieve more efficiency with wheelbase of 2686 mm learn driving recommendations for XLR given by Cadillac. It’s important to understand connections between 1654 kg body weight of 2005 XLR and engine under the hood. It should always be considered in complex: 4513 mm length, 1837 mm width and 1279 mm height.

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