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Dodge Avenger Engine Displacement

Avenger Sedan

Exterior Modification Size

2007 - 2009

2.0 CRD SE 1968 cc
2.0 CRD SXT 1968 cc
2.0 SE 1998 cc
2.0 SXT 1998 cc
2.4 SXT 2360 cc

The satisfaction with 1968 cc size for Avenger depends on car weight and driving habits. You can still find some bad reviews of the Avenger owners about the engine with size 1998 cc. The company Dodge used to install engines with the size 2360 cc in Avenger 2.4 SXT. Dodge’s decision to install this type of engine in Avenger seems quite clever. Engine volume and size in Dodge has a great effect on how you use the Avenger.

  • But it also gives you less fuel consumption in Dodge and provides optimal costs at petrol stations for Avenger.

  • Motorists often buy Dodge with 2360 cc engine under the hood.

  • You are sure to save up your funds with Dodge 2.0 SXT.

  • The movement with the motor size 1998 cc still appears to be sufficient for Avenger.

  • It may seem that 2.0 CRD SXT wouldn’t be powerful enough with the engine size 1968 cc.

When purchasing parts make sure you know your Avenger and the size of engine at 1998 cc. The size of 1968 cc is constructed by Dodge and proves to be efficient in use. You can get both pluses and minuses of Dodge 2.4 SXT with this motor.

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