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Hyundai Tucson Engine Displacement

Tucson SUV

Exterior Modification Size

2004 - 2009

2.0 CDX 1975 cc
2.0 CRDi Premium 1991 cc
2.0 CRDi Style 1991 cc
2.0 CRTD CDX 1991 cc
2.0 CRTD GSI 1991 cc
2.0 CRTD Limited 1991 cc
2.0 CRTD Xenith 1991 cc
2.0 GSI 1975 cc
2.0 1975 cc
2.7 V6 CDX 2656 cc

There is a great connection for Hyundai drivers between size of the engine in Tucson and car satisfaction. The size 1991 cc seems to be enough for the Tucson. There are more positive opinions of the drivers of Tucson than negative reviews about this Hyundaiengine. You can still find some bad reviews of the Tucson owners about the engine with size 1991 cc. There were produced lots of 2.0 GSI cars with motor size 1975 cc by Hyundai.

  • The movement with the motor size 1991 cc still appears to be sufficient for Tucson.

  • It may seem that 2.0 CRTD Xenith wouldn’t be powerful enough with the engine size 1991 cc.

  • Though such kind of Tucson gives opportunity to save in buying fuel for your Hyundai.

  • So, Hyundai 2.0 CRTD CDX can save your money.

  • The size of engine at 2656 cc is quite popular for Hyundai owners.

When purchasing parts make sure you know your Tucson and the size of engine at 1975 cc. In Hyundai’s words you won’t get any problems with the motor sized 1991 cc. There are visible pros and cons of Hyundai 2.7 V6 CDX with such engine.

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