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Jeep Compass Engine Displacement

Compass SUV

Exterior Modification Size

2011 to present

2.0 CRD Limited 1968 cc
2.4 Limited 2359 cc

2007 - 2009

2.0 CRD Limited 1968 cc
2.4 Limited 2359 cc

There is a great connection for Jeep drivers between size of the engine in Compass and car satisfaction. There is no doubt that the engine of size 2143 cc will work for a long time with no problem in your Compass. It helps keep Jeep Compass going quite well. During the production Jeep used engine of 1998 cc for 2.0 Sport. There are more positive opinions of the drivers of Compass than negative reviews about this Jeepengine.

  • The reason for purchasing is money saving with 2.4 Black Edition and great output at the same time.

  • So, Jeep 2.0 Sport + can save your money.

  • And Compass with engine 1998 cc doesn’t bring any problems with highway overtaking.

  • Driving 2.2 CRD Sport + in city you may stay active.

  • You are free to overtake quickly on Compass with motor of 2143 cc size.

  • Though such kind of Compass gives opportunity to save in buying fuel for your Jeep.

  • It may seem that 2.0 CRD Limited wouldn’t be powerful enough with the engine size 1968 cc.

  • Motorists often buy Jeep with 2359 cc engine under the hood.

This kind of motor can show good and bad sides in Jeep 2.4 Limited. It’s the Jeep’s engineers who decided to install engine at size 1998 cc. Visiting service or buying the parts note that you possess 2360 cc engine of Compass.

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