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Recommended Type of Engine Oil for Opel Vectra. How Much Do You Need

EngineEngine codeYearRecommended oilHow much (L.)
1.8Z18XER2009Synthetic 5w304.9
2008Synthetic 5w304.9
2007Synthetic 5w304.9
Z18XE2006Synthetic 5w304.25
2005Synthetic 5w304.25
2004Synthetic 5w304.25
2003Synthetic 5w304.25
Z18XE12002Semi Synthetic 10w404.25
2001Semi Synthetic 10w404.25
X18XE12000Semi Synthetic 10w404.25
1999Semi Synthetic 10w404.25
X18XE1998Mineral 15w404
1997Mineral 15w404
1996Mineral 15w404
1995Mineral 15w404
1.9Z19DTL+DPF2009Synthetic 5w304.3
2008Synthetic 5w304.3
2007Synthetic 5w304.3
Z19DTL2006Synthetic 5w304.3
2005Synthetic 5w304.3
2004Synthetic 5w304.3
2.0Z20NET2009Synthetic 5w306
2008Synthetic 5w306
2007Synthetic 5w306
2006Synthetic 5w306
2005Synthetic 5w306
Y20DTH2004Synthetic 5w305.5
2003Synthetic 5w305.5
2002Synthetic 5w305.5
X20XEV2001Mineral 15w404
1995Mineral 15w404
X20DTL2000Semi Synthetic 15w40 for Diesel5.5
1999Semi Synthetic 15w40 for Diesel5.5
1998Semi Synthetic 15w40 for Diesel5.5
1997Semi Synthetic 15w40 for Diesel5.5
1996Semi Synthetic 15w40 for Diesel5.5
2.2Z22YH2009Synthetic 5w305
2008Synthetic 5w305
2007Synthetic 5w305
Z22SE2006Synthetic 5w305
2005Synthetic 5w305
2004Synthetic 5w305
2003Synthetic 5w305
Y22DTR2002Semi Synthetic 10w40 for Diesel5.5
2001Semi Synthetic 10w40 for Diesel5.5
2000Semi Synthetic 10w40 for Diesel5.5
2.8Z28NEH2009Synthetic 5w306
2008Synthetic 5w306
Z28NEL2007Synthetic 5w306
2006Synthetic 5w306
2005Synthetic 5w306
3.0Y30DT2009Synthetic 5w307.25
2008Synthetic 5w307.25
2007Synthetic 5w307.25
2006Synthetic 5w307.25
2005Synthetic 5w307.25
2004Synthetic 5w307.25
2003Synthetic 5w307.25
3.2Z32SE2005Synthetic 5w304.75
2004Synthetic 5w304.75
2003Synthetic 5w304.75
2002Synthetic 5w304.75
1.6Z16XEL2002Semi Synthetic 10w403.5
2001Semi Synthetic 10w403.5
X16SZR2000Mineral 15w403.5
1999Mineral 15w403.5
1998Mineral 15w403.5
1997Mineral 15w403.5
1996Mineral 15w403.5
1995Mineral 15w403.5
2.6Y26SE2002Synthetic 5w304.8
2001Synthetic 5w304.8
2000Synthetic 5w304.8
2.5X25XE2000Mineral 15w404.5
1999Mineral 15w404.5
1998Mineral 15w404.5
1997Mineral 15w404.5
1996Mineral 15w404.5
1995Mineral 15w404.5
1.7X17DT1996Semi Synthetic 15w40 for Diesel5
1995Semi Synthetic 15w40 for Diesel5
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