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Recommended Type of Engine Oil for Porsche Cayenne. How Much Do You Need

Engine Engine code Year Recommended oil How much (L.)
3.0 M05.9E 2013 Synthetic 5w30 7.3
2012 Synthetic 5w30 7.3
2011 Synthetic 5w30 7.3
M05.9D 2010 Synthetic 5w30 8.3
2009 Synthetic 5w30 8.3
3.2 M02.2Y 2007 Synthetic 5w40 6.3
2006 Synthetic 5w40 6.3
2005 Synthetic 5w40 6.3
2004 Synthetic 5w40 6.3
3.6 M55.02 2013 Synthetic 5w30 6.9
2012 Synthetic 5w30 6.9
2011 Synthetic 5w30 6.9
M55.01 2010 Synthetic 5w40 6.9
2009 Synthetic 5w40 6.9
2008 Synthetic 5w40 6.9
2007 Synthetic 5w40 6.9
4.5 M48.00 2007 Synthetic 5w40 8.5
2006 Synthetic 5w40 8.5
2005 Synthetic 5w40 8.5
2004 Synthetic 5w40 8.5
2003 Synthetic 5w40 8.5
4.8 M48.02 2013 Synthetic 5w40 9.5
2012 Synthetic 5w40 9.5
2011 Synthetic 5w40 9.5
M48.01 2010 Synthetic 5w40 8.5
2009 Synthetic 5w40 8.5
2008 Synthetic 5w40 8.5
2007 Synthetic 5w40 8.5

During regular service of Cayenne take 8.5 liters of engine oil. Having model code M48.01 this engine should be filled up with Synthetic 5w40 type of oil. Choose a normal producer of Synthetic 5w40 oil to fill up Cayenne 3.2 engine. Porsche Cayenne really needs high quality motor oil. One of the popular Porsche’s engines had volume at 4.5 and was widely used in 2003.

  • Start giving normal service for engine with model code M48.02 – buy Synthetic 5w40 oil only.

  • So make sure you buy good Synthetic 5w40 oil for motor with code M02.2Y.

  • Really almighty engine with 4.8 volume is a big plus of Porsche in 2009 year of production.

  • The motor with 3.0 volume made by Porsche might be called everlasting.

  • For every service by 9.5 liters of engine oil – don’t use other than Synthetic 5w40.

  • Motors M05.9E in Porsche’s production made in 2011 push model quite efficiently but may consume lots of petrol.

  • You can’t call 3.6 motor of Porsche very up-to-date – it was made in 2007.

  • Providing you fill 6.9 liters of oil you won’t need to look under the hood of Porsche Cayenne again till the next service.

  • But having the service make sure you fill the case with 6.3 liters of Synthetic 5w40 oil type.

  • Motors with code M48.00 show unbelievable power and capacity but Porsche Cayenne fuel consumption is rather big.

  • You might also note that 4.5 engine of Porsche is quite old – it’s year of origin is 2003.

  • With average mileage over 100 000 miles you’ll find Porsche Cayenne taking a little oil, so buy more than 8.5 liters to add.

  • If 8.5 liters of oil isn’t enough and you need to add it, drive your Porsche Cayenne to troubleshooting.

  • High technological 4.8 engine of Porsche is a great choice among 2012 year cars.

  • It’s better to use Synthetic 5w30 oil from start because new engine M55.02 demands good service.

You can easily endure life of 4.8 motor produced by Porsche just giving it proper service. You buy 7.3 liters of Synthetic 5w30 motor oil and endure you vehicle life for a year. In all situations 2005 Porsche Cayenne should get exact and quality service.

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