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Recommended Type of Engine Oil for Skoda Fabia. How Much Do You Need

EngineEngine codeYearRecommended oilHow much (L.)
1.2CGPA2013Synthetic 5w302.8
2012Synthetic 5w302.8
2011Synthetic 5w302.8
BZG2010Synthetic 5w302.8
2009Synthetic 5w302.8
2008Synthetic 5w302.8
AZQ2007Synthetic 5w302.8
2006Synthetic 5w302.8
2005Synthetic 5w302.8
2004Synthetic 5w302.8
2003Synthetic 5w302.8
1.4CGGB2013Synthetic 5w303.2
2012Synthetic 5w303.2
2011Synthetic 5w303.2
BXW2010Synthetic 5w303.2
2009Synthetic 5w303.2
2008Synthetic 5w303.2
AUB2007Synthetic 5w303.2
2006Synthetic 5w303.2
2005Synthetic 5w303.2
2004Synthetic 5w303.2
AME2003Synthetic 5w304
2002Synthetic 5w304
2001Synthetic 5w304
2000Synthetic 5w304
1.6CFNA2013Synthetic 5w303.6
2012Synthetic 5w303.6
2011Synthetic 5w303.6
BTS2010Synthetic 5w303.6
2009Synthetic 5w303.6
2008Synthetic 5w303.6
2007Synthetic 5w303.6
1.9BSW2010Synthetic 5w40 for Diesel4.3
2009Synthetic 5w40 for Diesel4.3
2008Synthetic 5w40 for Diesel4.3
ATD(PD)2007Synthetic 5w40 for Diesel4.3
2006Synthetic 5w40 for Diesel4.3
ASY2005Synthetic 5w304.3
2004Synthetic 5w304.3
2003Synthetic 5w304.3
2002Synthetic 5w304.3
2001Synthetic 5w304.3
2000Synthetic 5w304.3
2.0AZL2007Synthetic 5w304
2006Synthetic 5w304
2005Synthetic 5w304
2004Synthetic 5w304
2003Synthetic 5w304
2002Synthetic 5w304
2001Synthetic 5w304
2000Synthetic 5w304
1.0ARV2000Synthetic 5w304
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