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How Much Horsepower and Kilowatts Does Nissan Maxima Have

Maxima Sedan

Exterior Modification Horsepower Kilowatts

1989 - 1994

3.0i V6 Cat 170 hp 125 kW
3.0i V6 S Cat 170 hp 125 kW
3.0i V6 SE Cat 170 hp 125 kW
3.0i V6 SE 170 hp 125 kW
3.0i V6 SEL 170 hp 125 kW
3.0i V6 170 hp 125 kW

Nissan decided to put 170 hp motor under the hood of Maxima. You might make decision on ecological level of 3.0i V6 SE Cat appreciating output of 170 hp. In other dimension it’s 125 kW output. By raising capacity your Nissan Maxima will take more petrol to drive. It’s normal for 3.0i V6 SEL to be driven with these figures. In production tests Nissan Maxima with this engine appeared to be successful.

  • The capacity of 125 kW can’t be called too small.

  • Owners say that Nissan in model Maxima stays both efficient and economical.

  • The universal motor with 170 hp seems to be great choice for 3.0i V6 SE Cat.

Note that 170 hp or 125 kW are arranged for 3.0i V6 SE Cat weight and other features. Ageing can take a couple of horsepowers off your Nissan. You can check if Maxima keeps showing 170 hp output at service station.

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