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How Much Horsepower and Kilowatts Does Nissan Serena Have

Serena Minivan

Exterior Modification Horsepower Kilowatts

1993 - 2001

1.6 GX 97 hp 71 kW
2.0 D SLX 67 hp 49 kW
2.0 Excursion 126 hp 93 kW
2.0 SLX 124 hp 91 kW
2.3 D GX 75 hp 55 kW
2.3 D Occasion 75 hp 55 kW
2.3 D SLX 75 hp 55 kW

You might note that ecological impact of 2.3 D GX is fully defined by 75 hp capacity. It proves the 2.0 SLX to have normal dynamic features. Serena used engine with 75 hp capacity produced by Nissan. The Nissan’s engine can keep consumption rate normal if Serena stays without changes. Of course, Nissan Serena was tested and proved its engine efficiency. It can be also seen as 49 kW if appreciating Kilowatts.

  • The eternal power of 97 hp is all yours in 1.6 GX.

  • The possibility to rotate motor up to 55 kW gives freedom in driving.

  • The universal motor with 126 hp seems to be great choice for 2.0 Excursion.

  • The capacity of 91 kW can’t be called too small.

  • Don’t forget about fuel bills – with Nissan Serena they are going to be big.

Not only figures of 97 hp and 71 kW are vital, but also other features of 1.6 GX. It’s important that getting old the Nissan becomes less powerful. It’s useful to control Serena and check if it still provides 75 hp capacity.

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