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Which Bulbs Of Head Lamps For Lexus RX300.

Engine Engine code Year Base Type Power Voltage
3.0 2006 PGJ19-2 55 W 12 V
1MZ-FE 2005 P14.5s H1 55 W 12 V
2004 P14.5s H1 55 W 12 V
2003 P14.5s H1 55 W 12 V
2002 P20d HB3 60 W 12 V
2001 P20d HB3 60 W 12 V
2000 P20d HB3 60 W 12 V

In production of 2002 model year cars with engine code 1MZ-FE the brand used high technology lamps. Lots of RX300 owners admit that 12 V lamps tend to be less and less effective. It’s better to buy top-grade lamps for Lexus RX300 3.0 to ensure normal lights work. The only right decision is the bulb of HB3 cap type and with base form P20d. Anyway, cars with 3.0 engine made by Lexus will occasionally need bulb exchange. Safe drive at night on Lexus RX300 is possible with working head light only. The recommendation of Lexus is to install only 55 W capacity lamps.

Relieve the holder at back of RX300 head light module, all 3.0 engine cars are serviced like that. Nevertheless, you might buy more efficient than 55 W lamps, but the voltage stays strictly at 12 V. The needed cap type should be only HB3, otherwise Lexus made in 2001 won’t take the bulb. Installing PGJ19-2 lamp by yourself can be hard for 2006 RX300 owners.

If you replace bulbs in RX300 with engine 3.0 by yourself, take care. It’s easily bad idea for 2004 Lexus owners to buy other than H1 type bulbs with base different from P14.5s. Provide exactly needed voltage of 12 V and don’t forget nominal power 55 W. For safe and delightful driving of 2006 Lexus RX300 keep up with important company resctrictions.

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