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Which Interior Heating Exchanger For Ford Fiesta.

Engine Engine code Engine power Year Height Width Depth
1.2 FUJA, FUJB 75 hp 2006 145 mm 191 mm 44 mm
DHA, DHB, DHC, DHD, DHE, DHF, DHG 75 hp 2002 247 mm 207 mm 28 mm
2001 247 mm 207 mm 28 mm
1.3 J3E 69 hp 1982 190 mm 156 mm 42 mm

Actually, the heaters for motors with model code FUJA, FUJB in Fiesta can work properly for a long time. During winter using of Ford Fiesta heat exchanger is in operation. Effective climate regulation for 1.2 vehicles produced in 2001 is possible. For change of it you need 247 mm high, 28 mm deep and 207 mm wide radiator. This is factory size of heating module for 2002 Ford Fiesta with DHA, DHB, DHC, DHD, DHE, DHF, DHG engine.

The visual problem in 1.2 Fiesta with heating radiator problems is cooling fluid coming out. While repairing Ford Fiesta 1.3 purchase radiator with 190 mm X 156 mm X 42 mm (height, width, depth). It also may be seen in Ford as bad heating, especially in 2002 year of production.

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