Last Update: May. 27, 2017, 5:00 a.m.
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Which Cooling System Of Oil For Audi Q7.

Engine Engine code Year Height Width Depth
3.6 BHK 2010 118 mm 96 mm 64 mm
2009 118 mm 96 mm 64 mm
2008 118 mm 96 mm 64 mm
2007 118 mm 96 mm 64 mm

If the oil radiator is broken in Audi you should use these sizes: 118 mm height, 96 mm width and 64 mm depth. It’s impossible to install other sizes in Audi Q7 3.6. This part for BHK motor codes produced in 2009 makes oil temperature lower. Make sure you buy for Q7 recommended by the brand dimensions in 3.6 motor. In some modifications of Audi Q7 oil coolers were installed.

You need original radiator for Audi if you possess 2008 year of production car. During 2010 Audi Q7 service buy such radiator for oil - 118 mm high, 96 mm in width and 64 mm deep. Owners of vehicles with 3.6 motors having model number BHK often claim that radiator can go down.

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