Last Update: Apr. 28, 2017, 5:38 a.m.
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Which Radiator Cooling Vent For Ford Fiesta.

Engine Engine code Engine power Year Capacity Voltage Poles
1.2 FUJA, FUJB 75 hp 2006 240 W 2
DHA, DHB, DHC, DHD, DHE, DHF, DHG 75 hp 2002 120 W 12 V 2
2001 120 W 12 V 2

There are exact restrictions for DHA, DHB, DHC, DHD, DHE, DHF, DHG motors with 1.2 capacity made in 2001. If you possess Ford Fiesta, you might need to replace radiator fan. The vent should have capacity of 120 W and be of 12 V voltage. Repairing 1.2 Fiesta make sure you buy quality parts. There is one more feature - Ford’s fan has 2 poles.

It’s impossible to drive 2006 Ford Fiesta comfortably with different accessories. The main task of such vent is to ensure Ford Fiesta engine to work at proper temperature. In cars with motors DHA, DHB, DHC, DHD, DHE, DHF, DHG you can’t use other than 2 poles or different from 120 W power cooling fans.

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