Last Update: May. 28, 2017, 5:12 a.m.

Which Engine Cooling System For Lexus RX300.

Engine Engine code Year Height Width Depth
3.0 1MZ-FE 2006 670 mm 491 mm 22 mm
2005 670 mm 491 mm 22 mm
2004 670 mm 491 mm 22 mm
2003 670 mm 491 mm 22 mm

The motor with volume of 3.0 from year 2004 has strict antifreeze temperature. It’s impossible to install in Lexus RX300 3.0 radiator with different dimensions. It’s useless to repair radiator for 1MZ-FE code motor produced by Lexus. Radiator efficiency is vital for Lexus RX300 as well as other vehicles. If you need to change it in RX300, make sure you buy original size: 670 mm height, 491 mm width and 22 mm depth.

Lots of motorists with RX300 3.0 and 1MZ-FE motors say that radiators are not so long lasting. It’s better for Lexus cars produced in 2005 to investigate cooling system every regular service. So, with problems of engine cooling in 2006 Lexus RX300 better buy factory sized radiator: 670 mmX491 mmX22 mm (height, width, depth).

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