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Which Bulbs Of Rear Fog Lamps For Toyota Corolla.

Engine Engine code Year Base Power Voltage
1.6 4A-FE 1997 BA15S SCC 21 W 12 V
1996 BA15S SCC 21 W 12 V
1995 BA15S SCC 21 W 12 V
1994 BA15S SCC 21 W 12 V
1993 BA15S SCC 21 W 12 V
1992 BA15S SCC 21 W 12 V

With foggy weather it distinguishes the car with motor model number 4A-FE which was made in 1992. You should always check if in your Toyota Corolla 1.6 back antifogs work well. The whole light system of Corolla uses only bulbs with 12 V voltage. High quality bulbs were installed by Toyota in all vehicles with 1.6 engine. The back fog light is a part of Toyota Corolla optics and light system. For rear fog lamps you’ll need 21 W power bulbs and base type BA15S SCC.

Among all 12 V car lights choose those which have 21 W power. If there are any problems with 1995 Toyota Corolla fog light, you may go to service station. But one can also buy any other BA15S SCC bulb for 4A-FE coded cars having 1.6 motor inside. Fog lights in Corolla 1.6 the ones produced by Toyota are the best decision.

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