Last Update: Sep. 25, 2020, 5:51 a.m.

DZUS Fasteners Review – Should You Use it in Your Car?

In the middle of the previous century the new type of fixing aircraft panels and ensuring in their safety was developed. DZUS Fasteners which are now known as a big brand in racing sport and motorcycles world were invented by William Dzus and apparently named after his family name. This is quite interesting type of fixing options which is now quite often used in cars.

You can judge about the qualities of fasteners just with the fact that they were used in aircraft machinery to install and secure the exterior parts of small planes. Now they are used in motorcycle production and tuning to ensure optimal fixation of plastic and metal panels. And also you can still use them in car tuning and repair.

The DZUS fastener appears to be wonderful idea not only for machinery parts. It can work well in different situations while combining some metal, plastic and other different parts and making some constructions. You can achieve optimal results with just using the fastening instruments of original production. Let's look closer at the fastener types.

DZUS - type of fastener and original brand

The most reliable fastening parts of this type are produced in the US. It's important that you buy not the cheapest versions because those are mainly fakes. Real DZUS bolts are of high quality, they are produced with optimal metal alloys and serve longer than any other fastening type. The nature of this fixing instrument is very easy and there aren't any troubles in actually applying it. The most prominent things to say about fasteners are as follows:

  • the quarter turn brings the bolt to its place, so you won't need much time and power to install the fastening element onto needed place;
  • the rust resistant materials and light weight give other pluses in using for cars and motorcycles exterior and interior parts fixing;
  • easy installation gives other pluses in usage, you won't need to read any instructions as soon as you look at the instrument itself;
  • good production quality which is only guaranteed in the cases if you buy original products, it's very important to ensure optimal quality;
  • easy removing when you need to take the construction apart or refresh the paint on some fairing elements or car tuning units.

Of course, one of the most important pluses is the idea of really wonderful holding. You won't lose your bike's parts. Also note that original DZUS production is now really often used to create professional racing cars for different kinds of sport. It helps to achieve optimal conditions of reliability, wonderful holding, optimal safety features and great installation and removing possibilities. So, these options seem to be the best choice.

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Motorcycle parts and DZUS fasteners

Nearly all sport motorcycles are made with DZUS fastening instruments. These help to achieve all the needed features which are given above. You aren't likely to lose some plastic parts of your bike when you ride even on very huge speeds. Also it helps to remove parts easily and to change them in some seconds for new ones. If you have some different kinds of fastening, you can easily change to these with some amount of work.

With all the needed features DZUS materials are now widely used by producers of motorcycles to achieve wonderful results. They aren't expensive and they can give optimal features in this sphere. So, if you are going to have some tuning or part changing in your motorcycle, make sure you buy the set of needed fasteners. Better choose expensive ones and get warranty for quality and production options.

Using DZUS fasteners in your car - lots of options

I should be honest with you, I have never used such DZUS things in the car's exterior. But I've tried to renew some interior parts with the help of these options. I've made this desicison in those remote times when I didn't know absolutely anything about the technology. And still those parts are holding quite well. It's very useful in cargo space planning, plastic parts fastening and fixing. It also can work with quite heavy things to install onto metal parts.

One more thing I can tell is that you can remove the fasteners as soon as you want to change the thing fixed with it. If you use plastic clips, you will never get the needed results. After you decide to remove the panels, you'll have to tear them out with some damages. In order to remove DZUS you just have to take a screw driver and turn it for 25% of a full circle anticlockwise. That's so easy and fast to do.

How to install DZUS fasteners - a little manual

Well, it's very easy to install the DZUS fasteners incorrectly. So, I want to give you a little advice of how to use it in different situations. The only thing you really need is to buy really high quality products. It's very important to have some experience in drilling. Otherwise you won't achieve the needed results. With the help of the fastener you can put together any two layers of the same materials or even different materials. What you really need to do is the next list of steps:

  1. Put together the pieces of material you want to fix. Then fasten them with some instruments you have in your possession. You may use any other variants of temporary fastening and fix it for drilling the hole.
  2. After that take pencil and notice the places where you will put the fasteners. Better make holes in every 30-40 cm and also look at weight and potential loads to the place you want to fix.
  3. After that take a drill, look at needed instrument diameter and make the holes in the places you need to put fasteners to. If it's the future vehicle body or any other metal part, better oil it with something to prevent rusting.
  4. After that install the mating thing on the backside of the fastening place. It's sold in the set of DZUS and is a part of technology which can't be lost out of the process (if you want to achieve normal results, of course).
  5. The last thing to do is to take the fastener itself and use standard driver or your own screw driver to turn it only 90 degrees. You won't need to use your power somehow - just click the thing.

You won't also need to check the fastening. From the moment you fix the bolt until you want to get rid of the fastener, it will work correctly. And the good warranty is that such fastening system is widely used in constructing handicraft vehicles, flying objects and any kinds of constructions at all. With this you can understand that the fastener keeps everything quite good and there are usually no defective things in sets.

Should I use DZUS fasteners in my constructions?

We usually speak about this fixing system in the case if you want to create some machine, hand-made car or even a plane. But actually anyone can use the things for creating optimal possibilities of using. You can find the decision of constructing some additional things for your car in interior and exterior parts. You could also build some new object and it isn't necessarily connected with the transport.

I personally helped my child to build wonderful bird-house from unusual materials and also created lots of wonderful things for his tree house with DZUS technology. It's not necessary to buy a lot of the fasteners at once. But you will probably want to check if they really work. Anyway, it's only your decision to buy it or not. Make sure you buy original production and don't rely on unknown small companies.

I also propose you to watch the video with optimal explanation of how these fastening technologies work: