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Dimensions and Weight of Ford Cougar

Cougar Coupe

Exterior Year Length Width Height Wheelbase Weight Analytics
2001 4699 mm 1769 mm 1326 mm 2704 mm 1291 kg

2000 4699 mm 1769 mm 1326 mm 2704 mm 1291 kg
1999 4699 mm 1769 mm 1326 mm 2704 mm 1291 kg
1998 4699 mm 1769 mm 1326 mm 2704 mm 1291 kg

The important dimension of Ford Cougar produced in 2000 is the length at 4699 mm. Ford vehicle provides 1326 mm height of body. With all these dimensions the car weighed 1291 kg. With the length of 4699 mm the wheelbase of the model is 2704 mm. Also Cougar has the width of body of 1769 mm. You can see the comfort of Ford Cougar produced in 1998 by looking at those figures.

  • By using effective engines in Ford Cougar the company made the car enjoyable for drivers.

  • Weighing 1291 kg by the height characteristics of 1326 mm the vehicle became firm on road.

  • In the model year of 2000 Cougar appeared to be at average dimensions.

  • It’s all purpose vehicle, so Ford Cougar brings you great comfort.

  • Well thought-out length at 4699 mm is accompanied by 1769 mm wide characteristics and solid wheelbase of 2704 mm.

  • Thanks to well thought-out characteristics 2001 Cougar was successful.

It’s better to understand all dimensions in complex: vehicle height at 1326 mm, length of 4699 mm and 1769 mm width. The motor power is also important considering 1291 kg weight and other dimensions of 1999 Cougar. Improve your driving habits on the vehicle with 2704 mm wheelbase by reading information about Ford Cougar from the producer.

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