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Dimensions and Weight of Ford Thunderbird

Thunderbird Coupe

Exterior Year Length Width Height Wheelbase Weight Analytics
1997 5047 mm 1847 mm 1338 mm 2870 mm 1680 kg

1996 5047 mm 1847 mm 1338 mm 2870 mm 1680 kg
1995 5047 mm 1847 mm 1338 mm 2870 mm 1680 kg
1994 5047 mm 1847 mm 1338 mm 2870 mm 1680 kg

Also Thunderbird has the width of body of 1847 mm. It’s also important to know the height at 1338 mm of Ford. Ford produced its model Thunderbird at the dimension of 5047 mm long. With the length of 5047 mm the wheelbase of the model is 2870 mm. One can predict how comfortable 1997 Ford Thunderbird is by comparing the dimensions. With all these dimensions the car weighed 1680 kg.

  • Drivers can get great comfort from Ford Thunderbird on the road.

  • Company arranged weight at 1680 kg producing body height at 1338 mm.

  • In 1997 year of production Thunderbird proves to be long and comfortable.

  • You won’t make mistake by naming Ford Thunderbird luxurious and comfortable car.

  • With the wheelbase of 2870 mm the car offers length at 5047 mm and 1847 mm width.

  • If you own 1997 Thunderbird, you probable noticed its well made balance.

To achieve more efficiency with wheelbase of 2870 mm learn driving recommendations for Thunderbird given by Ford. It’s better to understand all dimensions in complex: vehicle height at 1338 mm, length of 5047 mm and 1847 mm width. Look also at horsepower and volume of 1994 Thunderbird engine, comparing it with overall weight of 1680 kg.

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