Last Update: Apr. 30, 2017, 5:19 a.m.

Chrysler 300M Engine Displacement

300M Sedan

Exterior Modification Size

1998 - 2004

2.7i V6 LE 2736 cc
2.7i V6 SE 2736 cc
3.5i V6 LE 3518 cc

The decision of the Chrysler is to put engine with size 2736 cc under the hood of 2.7i V6 SE. Chrysler’s decision to install this type of engine in 300M seems quite clever. Engine volume and size in Chrysler has a great effect on how you use the 300M. It’s absolutely enough to have 3518 cc engine size under the hood of 300M. There is no doubt that the engine of size 2736 cc will work for a long time with no problem in your 300M.

  • Lots of Chrysler buyers choose motors at size 2736 cc for themselves.

  • You may notice that 2.7i V6 SE is quite powerful and efficient.

  • You may expect great reliability from Chrysler if you possess 300M with engine size 3518 cc.

In Chrysler’s words you won’t get any problems with the motor sized 3518 cc. This kind of motor can show good and bad sides in Chrysler 2.7i V6 LE. Visiting service or buying the parts note that you possess 3518 cc engine of 300M.

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