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Chrysler 300M Cargo Space

300M Sedan

Exterior Year Cargo capacity Analytics
2003 530 liters

2002 530 liters
2001 530 liters
2000 530 liters
1999 530 liters
1998 530 liters

You may find over 530 liters of space in 300M having put down the back seat. Effective space design in Chrysler gives more opportunities. The figure was formed by Chrysler during designing the 2000 year models. In Chrysler 300M you get 530 liters of free space in the trunk. You may always put small shopping things in 300M trunk.

  • And note also that 2003 Chrysler may carry some additional cargo equipment.

  • Really huge Chrysler 300M trunk provides you with all needed space.

  • You may put in 300M nearly anything using all 530 liters of cargo space.

It’s better not to load more than Chrysler 300M can carry. It’s optimal for Chrysler in this model to have 530 liters cargo capacity. Check also if your luggage in 1999 Chrysler isn’t heavier than needed.

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