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Recommended Type of Engine Oil for Audi A2. How Much Do You Need

Engine Engine code Year Recommended oil How much (L.)
1.4 AUA 2005 Synthetic 5w40 3.5
2004 Synthetic 5w40 3.5
2003 Synthetic 5w40 3.5
2002 Synthetic 5w40 3.5
2001 Synthetic 5w40 3.5
2000 Synthetic 5w40 3.5
1.6 BAD 2005 Synthetic 5w40 4.5
2004 Synthetic 5w40 4.5
2003 Synthetic 5w40 4.5
2002 Synthetic 5w40 4.5

Use oil type Synthetic 5w40 for motors with code AUA. You should use 4.5 liters of motor oil for A2 service. Choose a normal producer of Synthetic 5w40 oil to fill up A2 1.4 engine. Use normal quality products to oil Audi A2 motor. In 2000 the company Audi used to install 1.4 engine in its cars.

  • The 1.4 engine of Audi’s production isn’t very particular in choosing oil.

  • Don’t add less or more than 4.5 liters of Synthetic 5w40 oil only.

  • Not a big volume of AUA motor helps it serve longer in Audi A2.

  • Start giving normal service for engine with model code AUA – buy Synthetic 5w40 oil only.

  • Remember that in 2004 model year you must pour 3.5 liters of oil.

  • And still engines BAD are quite popular for their all-purpose abilities in 2005 Audi A2.

  • Old engines like 1.4 motor produced by Audi in 2001 need high quality service, too.

  • If 3.5 liters of oil isn’t enough and you need to add it, drive your Audi A2 to troubleshooting.

  • But you still better use recommended Synthetic 5w40 oil for it.

  • You can’t call 1.6 motor of Audi very up-to-date – it was made in 2005.

  • Better don’t try other variants than Synthetic 5w40 for engine BAD.

  • The 1.6 engine in Audi’s build is quite fastidious about service.

You buy 4.5 liters of Synthetic 5w40 motor oil and endure you vehicle life for a year. Any technical work with 2003 Audi A2 must be completed well. You can easily endure life of 1.6 motor produced by Audi just giving it proper service.

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