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How Much Horsepower and Kilowatts Does Fiat Seicento Have

Seicento Hatchback

Exterior Modification Horsepower Kilowatts

1998 - 2004

1.1 2Tone 54 hp 40 kW
1.1 Michael Schumacher Sporting 54 hp 40 kW
1.1i Active Sport 54 hp 40 kW
1.1i Active 54 hp 40 kW
1.1i Mia 54 hp 40 kW
1.1i S 54 hp 40 kW
1.1i Sound 54 hp 40 kW
1.1i SX 54 hp 40 kW
Citymatic 39 hp 29 kW
Mia 39 hp 29 kW
S 39 hp 29 kW
Sporting 54 hp 40 kW
Suite 54 hp 40 kW
SX 39 hp 29 kW

In other dimension it’s 29 kW output. The engine with 54 hp output was installed in Fiat Seicento. You might note that ecological impact of 1.1i Mia is fully defined by 54 hp capacity. Fiat’s attitude to the build of Seicento proves its efficiency. To keep fuel consumption as stated by Fiat don’t provide any changes to the Seicento engine. It’s normal for Mia to be driven with these figures.

  • It’s great if your motor raises power up to 40 kW easily.

  • The unique thing in 1.1 2Tone is great output of 54 hp.

  • Don’t forget about fuel bills – with Fiat Seicento they are going to be big.

It’s important that getting old the Fiat becomes less powerful. If Seicento shows less power than 54 hp you should consult the service. Note that 54 hp or 40 kW are arranged for 1.1i Sound weight and other features.

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