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How Much Horsepower and Kilowatts Does Fiat Strada Have

Strada Hatchback

Exterior Modification Horsepower Kilowatts

1982 - 1988

130 TC Abarth 130 hp 96 kW
60 CL 58 hp 43 kW
70 Bianca 75 hp 55 kW
70 CL 65 hp 48 kW
70 Savoy 75 hp 55 kW
85 Super 82 hp 60 kW

Putting it to Kilowatts, you get 48 kW from the car. Fiat decided to put 130 hp motor under the hood of Strada. It’s obvious that 58 hp figure explains ecological features of 60 CL. Thanks to the engine capacity 70 CL can be driven in normal modes. Fiat proved the effectiveness of the Strada during testing. To keep fuel consumption as stated by Fiat don’t provide any changes to the Strada engine.

  • The universal motor with 130 hp seems to be great choice for 130 TC Abarth.

  • But bear in mind that Fiat Strada takes quite a lot of fuel.

  • The possibility to rotate motor up to 48 kW gives freedom in driving.

  • This is exquisite feature of 70 Bianca to have 75 hp under the hood.

It’s useful to control Strada and check if it still provides 75 hp capacity. The motor of Fiat can lose some power by ageing. It all depends on weight, RPM, not only figure of 58 hp or 43 kW is important for 60 CL.

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