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Which Bulbs Of Fog Lamps For Honda Civic.

Engine Engine code Year Base Type Power Voltage
1.4 1991 BA15S 21 W 12 V
1.5 1992 BA15S 21 W 12 V
1991 BA15S 21 W 12 V
1.6 B16A2 1998 PK22s H3 55 W 12 V
1997 PK22s H3 55 W 12 V
1996 PK22s H3 55 W 12 V
1995 BA15S 21 W 12 V
1994 BA15S 21 W 12 V
1993 BA15S 21 W 12 V
1992 BA15S 21 W 12 V
1991 BA15S 21 W 12 V

Purchase BA15S kind of base if you want to change Civic fog lamps. Type of bulb is H3, it’s usually installed in Honda cars. Only recommended by Honda shape specially for 1.6 engine cars is suitable. You will certainly switch on fog light in Honda Civic at foggy weather. While replacing the whole fog lamp in Civic 1.6 made in 1993, look at shape of your purchase. For 1996 model year cars and vehicles with engine code B16A2 producer used special bulb dimensions. Usual voltage 12 V is used and power should be at 21 W.

Other voltage than 12 V may tone the reflecting plates of Civic fog-light. So, in output you can get more than 55 W of power but keeping the base at PK22s. Fog lights of Honda Civic may use huge amount of bulb types. Buying H3 bulb type is important, but 1996 year cars need all features to be correct.

Real capacity of PK22s base bulb easily might go over 55 W. Carefully install 12 V bulbs into Honda fog lamps. Purchase only top-grade optical devices for Honda Civic 1.6 and take advantage on road. Civic has quite soft terminal with H3 type.

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