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Mazda RX-8 Fuel Tank Sizes

RX-8 Coupe

Exterior Year Fuel tank capacity Analytics
2009 65 liters

2008 65 liters
2007 65 liters
2006 65 liters
2005 65 liters
2004 65 liters
2003 65 liters

Going to gas station on Mazda RX-8 you should know this figures. In 2008 the company Mazda used 65 liters fuel tanks for RX-8. It’s a normal quantity of 65 liters petrol in the tank for 2003 car.

  • A lot of fuel can be filled up at once to Mazda RX-8 on petrol station.

  • But on the other hand, your Mazda RX-8 of 2003 year will need more money every visit to gas station.

It’s a normal drive with 65 liters tank in your RX-8. You can get pluses and minuses by using Mazda’s tanks with different sizes.

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