Last Update: Apr. 28, 2017, 5:58 a.m.
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Which Intermediate Cooler For Mazda CX-5.

Engine Engine code Year Height Width Depth
2.2 2013 615 mm 145 mm 64 mm
2012 615 mm 145 mm 64 mm

For CX-5 with motor at 2.2 volume such dimensions of it are installed: 615 mm height, 145 mm width and 64 mm depth. Watch intercooler’s efficiency for good ride of 2012 Mazda CX-5. Power engines of Mazda made in 2013 need this for optimal work. Intercooler is efficiently used in Mazda CX-5 with turbine motors.

With bad work of it CX-5 can also show troubles of turbine produced in 2012. Only original sizes will suit Mazda CX-5 2.2 – buy intercooler with 615 mm in height, 145 mm in width and 64 mm in depth.

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