Last Update: May. 23, 2017, 5:14 a.m.

Which Bulbs Of Rear Fog Lamps For Honda Civic.

Engine Engine code Year Base Power Voltage
1.6 B16A2 1998 BA15S SCC 21 W 12 V
1997 BA15S SCC 21 W 12 V
1996 BA15S SCC 21 W 12 V

Originally top-grade lamps were installed in Honda cars with motor capacity at 1.6. The optical range in Honda Civic is broadened by rear fog lamp. You must ensure optimal work of antifog light in Honda Civic 1.6 before driving. It helps cars with B16A2 motor made in 1997 overcome foggy weather difficulties. For rear fog lamps you’ll need 21 W power bulbs and base type BA15S SCC. The optimal and one possible voltage of 12 V lamp is used in Civic.

Special factory bulbs of Honda will suit Civic 1.6 best. But one can also buy any other BA15S SCC bulb for B16A2 coded cars having 1.6 motor inside. If fog lights don’t work after replacing bulbs, take 1997 Honda Civic to servicing depot. Among all 12 V car lights choose those which have 21 W power.

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