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Which Toothed Drive Belt For Chrysler Sebring.

Engine Engine code Year Number of teeth Width Gap division Profile
2.0 ECD 2010 141 30 mm 9.525 N/mm HTDA
2009 141 30 mm 9.525 N/mm HTDA
2008 141 30 mm 9.525 N/mm HTDA
2007 141 30 mm 9.525 N/mm HTDA

Wise decision is to buy Chrysler’s factory timing belt for Sebring 2.0 to service. In production belts with 9.525 N/mm gap division and HTDA type of profile were used. Buy only 30 mm wide parts and make sure they have 141 of teeth. Gas grid system in Chrysler Sebring needs good timing belt to run. You’ll though need exact dimensions of it in 2.0 engine for Sebring. In 2010 the producer used simple belts and ECD motors were quite effective with it.

  • Optimal volume of 2.0 and quite great power in Chrysler cars request using HTDA type of belts.

  • For any modification and build of Chrysler Sebring 2.0 timing belt should be strong and of great endurance.

  • If you install any other number of teeth than 141 or choose different width than 30 mm, it’s impossible to ensure normal work.

To save up money find good analog propositions for Chrysler Sebring with your engine at 2.0. You also will have problems in achieving 9.525 N/mm gap division with different from HTDA toothed belt type. Check if your parts for service of 2007 Chrysler Sebring are of good quality. One important characteristic for ECD motor belt is width of 30 mm.

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