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What is Ford Explorer Motor Torque

Explorer SUV

Exterior Modification Newton Meter Pound-Foot Rotations per Minute Kilogram Meter

1997 - 2001

4.0 North Face 318 N-m 235 lbs-ft 3250 rpm 32 kg-m
4.0 XLT 318 N-m 235 lbs-ft 3250 rpm 32 kg-m
4.0 340 N-m 251 lbs-ft 3000 rpm 35 kg-m

This figure can be converted to 235 lbs-ft and is achieved by 3250 rpm. A distinguished feature of Ford Explorer is torque figure at 340 N-m. The dynamic features of Ford Explorer correspond to torque and power. If you compare figures in kilos per meter, it’s 32 kg-m of torque for 4.0 XLT.

  • Great torque of 318 N-m makes 4.0 North Face nearly a sport car.

  • It gives eternal freedom to choose driving methods for Ford Explorer.

  • The driver is recommended to keep rotations under 3000 rpm but it’s not necessary.

But you need to know that optimal mode for the Ford Explorer engine is 3000 rpm. You will drive your 4.0 efficiently enough if you keep the Ford’s rules and advice. It’s always not only 318 N-m or 235 lbs-ft but also way of driving the car.

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