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How Much Horsepower and Kilowatts Does Ford Explorer Have

Explorer SUV

Exterior Modification Horsepower Kilowatts

1997 - 2001

4.0 North Face 204 hp 150 kW
4.0 XLT 204 hp 150 kW
4.0 206 hp 152 kW

The engine with 206 hp output was installed in Ford Explorer. If you don’t make any changes with Explorer engine, your Ford will consume the amount of petrol as stated in documents. It can be also seen as 150 kW if appreciating Kilowatts. Ford’s attitude to the build of Explorer proves its efficiency. The producer of 4.0 XLT decides it’s enough for the car. The ecology features of 4.0 XLT are connected to the figure of 204 hp.

  • You get freedom in driving with 150 kW in reserve.

  • Flexible using makes Ford Explorer one of the best choice.

  • You will surely like 206 hp in the motor of 4.0.

If Explorer shows less power than 204 hp you should consult the service. It all depends on weight, RPM, not only figure of 206 hp or 152 kW is important for 4.0. Ageing can take a couple of horsepowers off your Ford.

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