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Mazda 121 Cargo Space

121 Hatchback

Exterior Year Cargo capacity Analytics
1999 250 liters

1998 250 liters
1997 250 liters
1996 250 liters

The trunk shape of Mazda’s design proves to be useful. It’s convenient to put small luggage in 121 cargo space. You can use 250 liters capacity of trunk in Mazda 121. You can usually get more than 250 liters by putting down back seat in 121. In 1997 it was decided by the Mazda to provide these figures.

  • A lot of useful place in Mazda 121 is a great advantage.

  • You get lots of freedom in 1997 Mazda but it’s still restricted.

  • Though 250 liters may be not enough for some usage of 121. And still one may find 250 liters trunk smaller than needed in 121.

Check also if your luggage in 1998 Mazda isn’t heavier than needed. Overloading Mazda 121 might be a great problem in future. The number of 250 liters cargo space is provided by Mazda and is appropriate for vehicle.

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