Last Update: Apr. 28, 2017, 5:13 a.m.
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Mazda CX-7 Cargo Space


Exterior Year Cargo capacity Analytics
2010 455 liters

2009 455 liters
2008 455 liters
2007 455 liters

Cargo space in Mazda CX-7 is known to be 455 liters. The figure was formed by Mazda during designing the 2008 year models. It’s not a problem to put in CX-7 quite a big amount of luggage. You may find over 455 liters of space in CX-7 having put down the back seat. The shape of Mazda’s trunk is quite appropriate.

  • It’s also easy for 2009 Mazda to pull another cargo trailer.

  • Really huge Mazda CX-7 trunk provides you with all needed space.

  • With the help of 455 liters capacity you are free to put in CX-7 anything you want.

It’s better not to load more than Mazda CX-7 can carry. It’s optimal for Mazda in this model to have 455 liters cargo capacity. Check also if your luggage in 2010 Mazda isn’t heavier than needed.

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