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Mazda MPV Cargo Space

MPV Minivan

Exterior Year Cargo capacity Analytics
2003 294 liters

2002 294 liters
2001 294 liters
2000 294 liters
1999 294 liters

It’s not a problem to put in MPV quite a big amount of luggage. In 2000 it was decided by the Mazda to provide these figures. It’s possible to arrange 294 liters of things in Mazda MPV cargo space. Effective space design in Mazda gives more opportunities. Put down the back bench in MPV to get more space than 294 liters.

  • Though 294 liters may be not enough for some usage of MPV. And still one may find 294 liters trunk smaller than needed in MPV.

  • It’s an all-purpose but not huge space in 2002 Mazda to carry luggage.

  • You can view it as big upside of Mazda MPV to have this free space.

It’s better not to load more than Mazda MPV can carry. You should also look at 2000 Mazda cargo weight restrictions. Mazda proves it to be wise decision of making cargo capacity at 294 liters.

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