Where Is the Ford Mustang Mach-E Being Built?

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is being built in Mexico. This is one of the most efficient electric cars that are for sale right now. This car falls into the list of the fastest SUVs under $50K.

How Much Is a BMW 1 Series?

Unfortunately, you can't buy a new BMW 1 Series from a dealer in the US - these cars are only sold in the UK, Europe, Australia, and other markets.

What Does a Catalytic Converter Do?

A catalytic converter is an emissions-control device that converts toxins in the exhaust stream into less harmful pollutants.

What Can a Clogged Catalytic Converter Cause?

When you have the catalytic converter in your car clogged, it can cause poor engine performance, not being able to pass the state smog test, and even damage your engine. It is recommended that you have a professional check for your catalytic converter at least once every two or three years.

How Do You Know if You Need a Wheel Alignment?

It's quite easy to say if you need a wheel alignment to be done. Usually, simply looking at your car will tell you if something is wrong.

What Does a Wheel Alignment Do?

Wheel alignment on a car is important to obtain maximum vehicle performance with minimum fuel consumption.

How Much Is a Mercedes A-Class?

Mercedes A-Class Sedan is manufactured by the German automaker Mercedes-Benz. It's the most compact car in the model range of the German producer. The price of the Mercedes A-Class starts at $38,580 for the base model.

Which Country Makes the Fastest Cars?

It's hard to say for sure which country has made the fastest cars in history. Today's speed record is set by an American car made by SSC. But there are European countries that also make quite great vehicles in terms of speed. 

How to Make a Crotch Rocket With a Lawnmower Engine?

There are many people who try to find out how to make a crotch rocket using some other equipment. We should warn you: we cannot recommend you to do this. 

When Was the First Crotch Rocket Made?

The first actual crotch rocket was the Kawasaki GPZ900R made in 1984. However, there were other motorcycles that could be considered as the first crotch rocket.

What Is the Best Crotch Rocket for a Beginner?

If you only start riding a motorcycle for a few months, it is best to start looking for second-hand motorcycles or cheaper models among new crotch rockets. This way, you are able to find the perfect motorcycle at the perfect price.